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Keep Your Building up to Code

with Our Structural Engineering Services

Create and maintain your building with structural engineering services from our company in Hackensack, New Jersey. Kafrouni Engineering provides a wide range of structural engineering services to meet your needs. Contact us at (888) 399-3150 to learn more about the services offered by our structural engineers.

Investigations & Inspections of Existing Facilities
Make sure your buildings are safe with an inspection from Kafrouni Engineering. We obtain existing drawings and data, then provide a field inspection of your facility to verify the actual structural conditions and their impact upon the proposed renovations. Consideration must also be given to other factors within the design development phase including the reorientation and relocation of columns to facilitate new equipment placements.

Full Production of New Construction
During new construction, we review the project scope that you outline, and CAD drawings are prepared with specifications for you to review before final construction documents are created for the bid package. Then, state-of-the-art engineering programs are utilized to simulate the actual design conditions and parameters required by government codes and regulations. This is accomplished on a fast track to meet your needs. The completion time for your design depends on the size of the building and your input.
We Also Provide:
• Architectural Engineering
• Field Inspections

• Construction Management

Frame, Structural Engineering in Hackensack, NJ
Design Development
Careful study and analysis are performed in the design development phase to determine the type and direction of framing members that will produce the most economical and serviceable design. Our experts  collaborate with you to tailor the building to your needs and issue construction documents including blueprints for your convenience. For your convenience, a full ongoing liaison is maintained while the work proceeds.

Call us at (888) 399-3150 for more information about our structural engineering services.